Sea Moss Soap FAQs

What are the benefits?

A few benefits of this product include:

  • Cleanses and protects from harmful bacteria
  • Rehydrates and rejuvenates skin
  • Tones dark marks
  • Calms inflamed skin from disorders such as sunburns, rashes, eczema & psoriasis.
  • Promotes healthy skin and more!

What is handcrafted, cold-process soap?

Handcrafted cold-process soap is soap in its purest and true form. It is created from the chemical reaction that occurs when combining a lye (sodium hydroxide) with oils/butters and water. This chemical reaction is called "saponification" and transforms these base ingredients into soap.

What is the difference between the cold process and glycerin soap?

Glycerin is a byproduct of the "saponification" or soap-making process and therefore exists in every bar of handcrafted soap. Soap labeled as glycerin soap is created from a premade base that has already gone through the saponification process. These glycerin soap bases allow soapmakers to create soaps in many shapes and styles allowing for a lot of creativity in the finished product. Both cold process and glycerin soaps contain glycerin which is a humectant that attracts and retains moisture on your skin.

Why buy handcrafted soap?

Commercial manufacturers remove the nourishing glycerin by-product from soap to add to other products. This is why so many commercial soap products strip your skin of its natural oils and leave it dry. Handcrafted soaps also do not contain any harsh chemical detergents or lathering agents. Only products created through the saponification process of combining lye, water, and oils can be labeled and sold as "Soap". It is always a good idea to read product labels and ingredient lists.

Will the bar I receive look different from the product picture?

Each soap is 125g and approximately 3.5"H x 3.5"W x 1" D. These bars may vary in shape as they are handcrafted with love and skillful care.

How long will my soap last?

Cold process bars will last longer than glycerin bars. All bars will last longer if allowed to dry out between uses. Do not let your soap sit in water but allow it to drain in an appropriate soap dish.