About The Sea Moss Guy Inc.


The Sea Moss Guy Inc. is a black-owned business co-founded by Dezie and Clinton, a dynamic power couple of Caribbean descent based in the Greater Toronto Area. Embracing the wisdom of their cultural roots, The Sea Moss Guy Inc. was born from the belief that food is the best medicine.

Dezie & Clinton are passionate about promoting the incredible benefits of Sea Moss, a natural remedy that has been a staple in Caribbean culture for centuries and is believed to aid in improving your immune system, digestion, energy level, libido, hair growth, skin health, and more.

The Sea Moss Guy Inc. is committed to providing 100% natural Sea Moss sourced directly from the Caribbean. By doing so, the company also aims to create a positive impact in the communities where Sea Moss is sourced by supporting local economies and creating job opportunities in these regions.

As an e-commerce business, The Sea Moss Guy Inc. offers the convenience of local delivery across the GTA and shipping options throughout North America, making it easy for customers to access natural products to help live a healthy lifestyle. ​